Job Seeker Registration

– updated February 2014

Before You Begin

For our Mobile users - Currently, you cannot register for WorkInTexas from your mobile device.
However, you can:

  • Search for jobs through multiple channels
  • Run job match queries
  • Apply for jobs
  • Maintain lists of pending job applications
  • View and manage correspondence and alerts from
  • Stay informed of events at local Workforce Solutions offices

Allow Time - The longer your work history is the longer it will take you to fully complete the registration process. Average time to register is around 15 minutes with little or no work history.

Be Prepared - The registration process will be quicker if you have a list of your previous work history, school history, and your current occupational skills. You are NOT required to enter a complete listing of your work history or current occupational skills to complete the registration process, but it will increase your chances of matching to a desired job faster.

If you do not have any of these contact your local workforce solutions center for registration assistance.

Getting Started

1. Go to

2. Click the "Job Seeker Registration >" Button

WIT Registration

3. Read the User Agreement - After reading and you accept the terms and conditions click the "I Accept" button.

4. Complete "Create Logon" screen - Only the fields that have a red asterick (*) next to them need to be filled in. Once you've completed the form and click "Next" you will receive a confirmation page listing your userID. Print for your records and click "Next".

Create Logon

NOTE: If you did not supply your SSN during the Create Login process you will see the following screen: If you are filing for unemployment please complete the following form; otherwise, click Next.

WIT SSN Screen

5. Registration Introduction - You will be taken to the "Registration Introduction" page where you will see the following "Work Registration" section:

WIT Registration List

Getting Registered

1. Click the Continue Registration button

2. Complete Contact Information Screen - This information will be used to contact you when you match to a job, and you can indicate what information is visible to employers. After completing the form click "Next". If you choose to be contacted by email, you will need to verify your email address before any job matches will be sent. You will be sent an email to verify your email address.

WIT Contact Information Screen

3. Complete Additional Information Screen - You only have to fill in the fields with a red asterick (*) next to them, and then click "Next".

WIT Additional Information Screen

4. Job Search Preferences - Occupational Selection Screen

WIT Job Search Preference

WIT Job Search Preference

Use this page to identify the type of job you are seeking. At this screen you should either type in a Keyword such as: computer, welding, pipefitter, construction, medical, etc. OR choose from the drop-down list. Then click "Search".

A list of Available Occupations will appear.

Repeat steps 5,6, and 7 for each Occupation that best describes the work you have done or would like to do.

5. Click on one of the "Occupation" links that best matches the type of job you are looking for.

WIT Job Search Preference

6. Identify Experience and Skills - At this screen you will identify your current experience level and skills for this particular occupation. After completing this screen click "Next"

Step 4-3

7. Job Search Preferences - At this screen you will indicate the location(s) you would like to work, the pay and time schedule you would prefer, and language skills you possess. You can enter multiple Locations and Pay & Schedule entries, but you must have at least one. After completing the form click "Next"

Job Search Preferences

8. Work History Detail - At this screen you will describe your work experience. You will need to enter the Employer Information, and Job Description for each job you have held in the past. If you do NOT have any work experience you can check the box at the bottom of the page that says "I do not have any work experience" then click "Next". If you have work experience then enter the information in the appropriate fields then click "Next".

Work History

9. Work History Details (continued) - If you had work experience then you will be taken to the following screen. If not then you will see the screen in step 10. At this screen you can edit your previous Work History Detail or add another work history detail by clicking the link "Add Another Work History". If you do not have any additional work history details then click "Next".

Step 5

10. Registration Confirmation - At this screen you will see your User ID and short synopsis of your registration. You will also be directed to your nearest workforce center. You have successfully registered with Click "Next".

Confirmation Screen

11. WIT Portfolio - Your portfolio page outlines your current progress in You are now ready to fine-tune your profile to start matching to available jobs. Click the "View Jobs Matching Your Criteria" button.

NOTE: Initially, if you have no job matches you can use the "Match Advisor" to assist you in fine-tuning your profile. The "Match Advisor" button can be found under the "My Home Page" tab.

Portfolio Page

Need Help?

If you encounter any problems or have questions during the registration or job posting process please contact your local workforce solutions center, call 1-877-834-JOBS or
with us for assistance.