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FBI Public Announcement

Scammers Exploit Security Weaknesses on Job Recruitment Websites to Impersonate Legitimate Businesses, Threatening Company Reputation and Defrauding Job Seekers

TWC UI Fraud Reporting

If TWC determines that your information has been potentially compromised, TWC will contact you. Businesses or individuals who receive correspondence from TWC when no claim has been filed should report it through our fraud submission portal: If you encounter difficulties with the portal email or leave a message at the TWC Fraud Hotline at 800-252-3642

Self-employed Texans

If you are self-employed, a contract worker or previously worked in a position that did not report wages, you may qualify for unemployment and can apply for UI benefits!

If you need to file, please go online to or call 1-800-939-6631 to start the process. You will be notified you do not qualify for regular unemployment benefits and be enrolled in disaster unemployment benefits or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

During the application process, when UBS asks non-traditional workers the reason for their job separation, they should select “reduced hours.” If their reduced hours are a result of COVID-19, they should also select “COVID-19” under the disaster impact section. The system will then display questions they need to answer to complete their claim.

After completion, the system will first review the claim for regular unemployment insurance eligibility, which will result in a denial for regular unemployment benefits only. Subsequently, TWC will automatically enroll these applicants in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. The initial denial for unemployment insurance may cause confusion but does not affect the PUA eligibility.

For more information visit

Mass Claims

If you have to close your business either temporarily or permanently and need to lay off employees, you may be able to submit a mass claim for unemployment benefits on their behalf. The Mass Claims program streamlines the unemployment benefit claims process for employers faced with either temporary or permanent layoffs.

To submit a Mass Claim Request:

Need to Reduce Employee Hours? Check out TWC’s Shared Work Program

If your business has slowed down due to the pandemic and you need to reduce employee working hours, you may be able to avoid laying off employees by submitting a shared work plan. The Shared Work program provides Texas employers with an alternative to layoffs. TWC developed this voluntary program to help Texas employers and employees withstand a slowdown in business.

Shared Work allows employers to:

  • Supplement their employees’ wages lost because of reduced work hours with partial unemployment benefits.
  • Reduce normal weekly work hours for employees in an affected unit by at least 10 percent but not more than 40 percent; the reduction must affect at least 10 percent of the employees in that unit.

Shared Work unemployment benefits are payable to employees who qualify for and participate in an approved Shared Work Plan. Workers may choose not to participate. Employees who qualify will receive both wages and Shared Work unemployment benefits.

To apply for benefits online, see Unemployment Benefits Services:

For more information, see TWC’s Shared Work web page.

Rapid Response

Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas can assist with customized proactive outplacement services or layoff aversion strategies at no cost. Rapid Response provides early business-focused intervention assistance designed to transition affected workers to their next employment. Our services are tailored to each company, based on the needs of the affected employees. For more information regarding Rapid Response, please email

Currently Hiring

If you are currently hiring and would like to have your openings added to our job portal, please contact our Employer Solutions Representative Contact by calling 1-877-834-5627 to take advantage of the following services:

  • Assistance to post your Job opening
  • Prescreening your applicants
  • Design your Customized Virtual Hiring Event

Employer Work Refusal Documentation

Employee Refused Return-to-Work Offer? If you offered any of your employees a chance to return to work and they refused, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) needs to know. Please report each individual who refused to return to work on our online Employer Work Refusal Documentation form.

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