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WorkInTexas is Texas’ most extensive source for recruiting and job search. Services include real-time job matching, resume customization, and job availability research all online, free of charge, available 24/7.

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To complete your registration, you will need to upload a resume or create a resume in Work In Texas. If you need any assistance with this, please contact us at 877-834-5627.

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Work Search Requirements

TWC has reinstated state work search requirements, which were suspended in March due to COVID-19. Work search requirements resume on November 1, 2020. Work search is a federal requirement to receive unemployment benefits. Individuals will continue to receive benefits but must show an active effort to obtain new employment. All individuals receiving unemployment benefits will need to complete the designated number of work searches. For Southeast Texas, the required number of work searches is three. Click
here, for more information on the reinstatement of work searches and what qualifies as a work search.

Job Fairs

Although job fairs are not currently taking place in person due to COVID-19, we are working with employers to host virtual job fairs. Click here to find out about our upcoming virtual job fairs or by accessing the virtual assistant in the bottom right hand corner of our home page.

Social Media

We post regular updates on available jobs on Facebook and Tweet job postings daily. Follow us on social media at @setworks to stay informed.

Career Exploration

Demand Occupations
A “demand” occupation is one in which large numbers of job openings are likely to occur in that occupation. Operationally, a demand occupation is defined as one in which there are above average projected annual job openings without regard to salary, educational requirements, or other factors.

Targeted Occupations
Targeted occupations are a subset of demand occupations that also meet various job quality criteria set forth by our local Board. Targeted occupations offer both good employment growth prospects and wages and are occupations for which the Board can dedicate WIOA training resources

Workforce Solutions Centers

Contact your nearest workforce solutions center for assistance with job search, job training programs, including on-the-job and customized, program eligibility and career development.