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Vocational Rehabilitation for Adults

Get help preparing for, obtaining, retaining or advancing in your employment through the following individualized services. Services are based on eligibility and your individual needs.


You may be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services if you:

  • Have a disability which results in substantial barriers to employment
  • Require services to prepare for, obtain, retain or advance in employment
  • Are able to obtain, retain or advance in employment as a result of services

Disabilities Other Than Vision-Related Disabilities

  • Behavioral and mental health conditions
  • Hearing impairments, including deafness
  • Alcoholism or drug addiction
  • Intellectual, learning and developmental disabilities
  • Physical disabilities, including traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, back injury, paralysis and impaired movement

Vision-Related Disabilities

  • Blindness
  • Significant visual impairments
  • Deaf Blindness

Services to Assist with Employment

Services may be provided to help you prepare for, obtain, retain or advance in employment, including (as needed):

  • Vocational counseling and guidance
  • Referrals for hearing, visual and other examinations
  • Assistance with medical appointments and treatment
  • Rehabilitation devices, including hearing aids, wheelchairs, artificial limbs and braces
  • Therapy to address a disability, including occupational or speech therapy and applied behavioral analysis
  • Physical restoration services
  • Medical, psychological and vocational assessments
  • Assistance with college education or trade certification
  • On-the-job training
  • Training in workplace and employer expectations
  • Vocational adjustment training
  • Rehabilitation Teachers Services to help you learn Braille, orientation & mobility, and home and health management skills if you are blind or have a visual impairment
  • Supported employment

Job Matching & Placement Services

  • Transportation assistance to and from your job, including travel vouchers and vehicle modifications
  • Follow-up and supported employment services to help you maintain employment
  • Referral to Business Enterprises of Texas program, Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center and other state, federal and community agencies and organizations

Services Provided by:
Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation
510 Park Street Suite 100
Beaumont, Texas 77701