Healthcare and Education

While Southeast Texas remains a hotbed for construction, transportation, electrical, and industrial jobs, they are by no means the only skilled trade careers available to you. In fact, there is an ever-growing need for qualified and certified workers in other fields all over the region, most notably in healthcare and education.

Job Search Resources

We understand finding a job isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. At Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas, we specialize in helping job seekers like you find great jobs with great pay.

Getting Back to Work

Ready to make a meaningful change? Looking to earn more money? Here’s exciting news: businesses are returning, and opportunities are opening up! That means the job market is heating up. Great jobs are available, and employers are ready to hire. That makes now the perfect time to get back on the job.

Soft Skills

You’re looking for a job. You have some moderate skills. Plus, your friends think you’re pretty cool. So…those should be reason enough to get you hired, right?

Veteran Skills

Motivation. Accountability. Discipline. These are just a few of the highly desirable traits employers look for in job candidates. However, finding such characteristics in qualified applicants can be a challenge.

Pro Tips to Rev Up Your Résumé

As you begin your employment search, one of the most important tools you will need is a résumé – that summary of your work history, skills, and experience that lets prospective employers know you’re the job candidate they’re looking for.

Career Exploration

Maybe you’re between jobs. Maybe you feel stuck in a low-paying job that’s not really going anywhere. Maybe you’re just ready for a change. If you feel it’s time to broaden your horizons and see what else is out there, you’re in the right place. Because Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas is here with the tools to help you explore your career options.

Career Opportunities

For those of you finishing up high school or in your early 20s, chances are your work experience has been nothing but low-paying and highly unfulfilling. Add to that on-going pandemic-related challenges and uncertainty affecting practically every industry, and it’s easy to get discouraged about your future.

A Hot Job Market Means Opportunities

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about “The Great Resignation” when, thanks to the pandemic, people began leaving the workforce in droves. It’s also being called “The Great Reflection” as workers are re-evaluating what they want from their jobs – jobs that better reflect their lifestyle goals and family needs. Either way, this shift in the job market means that now just happens to be one of the best times in recent years to be looking for a new job or career.

Feeling Stuck? How to Get Started

Although there are a tremendous number of jobs available right now, you may feel overwhelmed
by the sheer volume of choices available or just simply feel stuck with making a decision, especially if you’re between the end of school and the beginning of whatever comes next.

Youth Pathways

Some people fall into a great job. For others, landing a good job, much less a great career, takes a little more effort. The good news is, there are a variety of paths you can take to find the future you’re looking for. From college to on-the-job training, there’s something for everyone.

Skilled Occupational Training

If you’re just joining the workforce or looking to make a career change, it’s encouraging to know that good-paying, high-demand local jobs are available now. Many of these jobs require special skills or training, but no worries. That’s where Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas can help.