Soft Skills

You’re looking for a job. You have some moderate skills. Plus, your friends think you’re pretty cool. So…those should be reason enough to get you hired, right?

Not so fast.

There are countless candidates out there just like you. People with similar backgrounds, similar levels of education, and similar abilities. And they’re all going for the same job you are. Problem is, on paper, you’re all the same. So, how can you rise to the top in the crowded job market? How do you get noticed?

Make sure you have the critical soft skills employers are looking for.

Soft skills are what you need beyond just the ability to operate a machine or complete a task. They’re the behaviors, habits, and personality traits required to thrive as an employee.

In addition to obvious things like smiling, being nice, actually showing up to work on time, and staying off your phone while on the job, below are the top five soft skills employers are looking for from candidates like you.


The ability to speak and write well is crucial. Whether it’s with other team members, customers, or clients, it is essential you are able to get your point across clearly and concisely.

Interpersonal Skills

This includes being a good and active listener, having the ability to collaborate, and the humility to accept criticism.

Time Management

Can you prioritize tasks? Can you complete them on time without cutting corners? Can you do what needs to be done when it needs to be done? After all, an employee is part of a larger team, and others are counting on you.


They say the only constant is change. That’s especially true in the business world. Are you willing to be flexible? Can you adapt to changing circumstances? Or are you unwilling to make adjustments as needed? Adaptability shows you are fully invested in the success of your company and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done.


While working well with others is an essential soft skill every employee needs, displaying leadership skills will definitely help you advance in your job. Employers are looking for someone who can not only collaborate and interact with colleagues, but also solve problems creatively, take the initiative to spearhead projects, and inspire the team around them to perform better.

If you’re ready to stand out from the pack, make sure you lock in the soft skills first. Anyone can learn how to perform a task. But developing those additional – and essential – habits and behaviors today’s employers are looking for is the best way to ensure you are exactly the kind of candidate they’re looking for.

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