Veteran Skills

Six Skills Veterans Have That Your Business Is Looking For.

Motivation. Accountability. Discipline. These are just a few of the highly desirable traits employers look for in job candidates. However, finding such characteristics in qualified applicants can be a challenge.

That is, unless you consider the qualities of most military veterans.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of veterans transitioning from service to civilian life enter the job market. Not only are they eager to find employment and further the next phase of their lives, but they also bring with them essential skills and outstanding qualities that can greatly benefit your company or operation.

Here are six skills that make veterans ideal employees.


Rank and hierarchy are fundamental to the military experience. So, it’s no wonder skills such as motivating and inspiring others, delegating, and leading by example are core characteristics of military veterans. Experience and discipline have ingrained in them the ability to take charge of their own actions and influence those around them.


Mission success requires a diverse group of people working together for a common goal. Veterans have honed their interpersonal skills working with people of all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life to achieve their objectives. Simply put, you can rely on a veteran to work well with others.

Strong Work Ethic

Military life requires tremendous personal discipline and responsibility. Veterans tend to possess a level of maturity not always found in candidates, especially among younger job seekers. They know the importance of time management and are exceptionally well-equipped to self-motivate and stay on task.


In the military, everyone answers to someone. That same hierarchal system that imbues leadership traits among many also contributes to veteran integrity and pride of performance. They know what it means to be held accountable and that success is best achieved when people take ownership of their own actions.


Pressure situations and challenging experiences are nothing new to a veteran. They are used to dealing with everything from time sensitive missions to operating within hostile, and often dangerous, environments. Thinking fast, remaining calm, and rising to the challenge involve valuable creative problem-solving skills that employers are looking for.

Tech Savvy

Many veterans are trained to operate and repair highly complex systems, machinery, and technology. They are often responsible for utilizing cutting edge tech with speed and efficiency, giving them the ability to grasp elaborate procedures quickly and thoroughly.

If you’re looking for skilled, motivated, loyal, and dependable employees, veterans are especially valuable candidates to consider. Their training, discipline, and experience make them excellent assets for any company.

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