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Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. What was the purpose of your visit?

Register for work/obtain assistance in finding a job
Take a test or assessment
Attend a Workshop or Seminar
Use the Resource Room (internet, interactive tools, telephone, fax, reference, materials)
Attend an Orientation
Obtain information about available services
Inquire about job training/educational opportunities

2. Please rate your wait time today?

Very Reasonable
Somewhat Reasonable
Not very Reasonable

3. How well did the services you received today meet your needs?

Very well
Not very well
Not at all

4. Overall, how knowledgeable was staff about services you received?

Not at all

5. How courteous was the staff during your visit?(if not courteous, please explain in comments section below)

Very courteous
Not courteous

6. How likely would you be to refer others to the center?

Very likely
Somewhat likely
Not very likely
Not at all

7. Overall how satisfied were you with the service?

Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied

Overall comments or suggestions for improvement: